Sacred Ceremonies and Traditions

Descendants of the Earth maintains several locations throughout southern California for the purpose of participating in Traditional Native American ceremonies on a weekly basis.

Cultural Sensitivity Training

Descendants of the Earth provides cultural education through panel discussion with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department to assist in cultural sensitivity training of cadets, as well as in-service officers on an ongoing basis. The focus of the training is to challenge stereotypes, build cultural tolerance, as well as diversify approaches to interventions in serving a multicultural community.

Native American Workshops & Lectures

Descendants of the Earth has been asked to provide numerous presentations and workshops on Native American culture and history to various age groups, schools, and organizations. These lectures offer those who attend a general understanding and perspective of Native American Traditions that involve exposure to Native practices, history, storytelling, songs, and arts and crafts.

Native American Crafts Workshops

These hands-on workshops focus on various Native American craft skills in addition to the teaching of the meaning, history, and origins of Traditional Native crafts.