The Descendants of the Earth community formed through the vision and service of Wolf and Lisa Wahpepah, who, like their elder, have dedicated their lives to preserving traditional Native American culture and ceremonial ways of prayer. Their full time service began with the encouragement and support of their elder Fred Wahpepah, after 16 years of demanding full time community service of his own, requiring constant travel throughout the continental U.S. prior to relocating to northern California in 1991.


From 1991-1997, Wolf and Lisa helped to establish a thriving inter tribal encampment on a 100 acre parcel of land near Pine Mountain located in the Los Padres National Forest called Chorro Grande. For six years, Native and non-Natives participated in various Native American ceremonies, teachings, and traditions both on site at Chorro Grande and at various off-site locations throughout Southern California. The encampment provided a positive and supportive environment that was conducive to preserving Native American traditions, sustainable living practices, community building, healing and personal growth.

By the end of 1997, Chorro Grande was sold by a private owner and the encampment was forced to disband. Members enjoined Wolf and Lisa Wapepah to maintain the continuity of this vision of a land base that could be preserved, protected and passed on to the next generations as a place of traditional teaching, ceremony, and refuge from the modern world. From this commitment, Descendants of the Earth became a non-profit entity on March 1, 1999.

In 2003, Descendants collectively pulled its resources together to purchase a parcel of land in the Las Padres National Forest, in order to build a self sustaining community, spiritual sanctuary, and restore the land from misuse and pollution. In spite of the loss of the original land base, Descendants of the Earth and its community has never faltered in its commitment to the people, the traditional ways and the vision of racial harmony.


With the full time dedication and support of Wolf and Lisa Wahpepah, the Descendants of the Earth community continues to exist and thrive consisting of over 300 active members and continue to implement programs that support our mission and goals. Those of us who have been a part of this Community have experienced first hand the healing benefits of a life filled with Traditional Ceremonies, environmental consciousness, community involvement and human service.